Volunteer opportunities

Le Mini Club Anglais, is located in
  • Pordic, near Saint Brieuc (Côtes d'Armor), France.

Volunteers - we need you!

Our Club is looking for native English speakers to enrich our pupils' educational experience. No matter your age, your experience, your background... you are welcome!

Your mission: help us around just once or several times in our Wednesday or Holiday classes or school outings and

  • Read stories in English with your own authentic accent (scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, American, African, Indian, Pakistanese, Bengali etc.)
  • Show us where you come from on a map
  • Tell us a bit about your own country and culture etc.
  • Share your Art!
  • Enjoy the English class with us!
  • Accompany us during our outdoor adventures in English...
We are always looking for different volunteers to help make our Club a better place to learn and grow.
If you would like to volunteer, please contact me at
or call me for more information: + 33 (0)9 50 47 51 10
Nicole, from California - USA

Nicole has been our club's volunteer since the school year 2012-2013!
She is an English language teacher and wants to share with our pupils 
  • her experience, 
  • her culture,
  • and her beautiful Californian accent.
I particularly enjoy listening to her when she reads stories to the kids.

Thank you so much Nicole!


Nicole a dit…
Hi Marjory,

I wanted to thank you again for the volunteer opportunity during the Spring course. I enjoyed very much interacting with the kids and learned a lot from your example. You are really great with them!

I will certainly tell other native speakers interested in volunteering with young learners about your English courses. You all (Dominique, Stephanie, Milla, ...) give a nice welcome, appreciated by any visitor!

Kind regards,

Nicole a dit…
Today I volunteered at Le Mini Club Anglais as a native speaker in the Summer course, "fruit-picking." We went to the local gardens in Orgères where the students were able to practice their English while doing hands-on activities. It was great to see the young learners (2-10 years) so engaged! They really enjoyed learning the names of fruits while tasting them as well as looking for insects, like butterflies and ladybirds (UK) / ladybugs (US)! I am very happy to have served as a volunteer once again; it was a wonderful time indeed!
Anonyme a dit…
Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon as a volunteer at the Mini Club Anglais. With the older students, we got them started on writing their pen pal letters in which they introduced themselves, giving some information about their families and where they live. With the younger group, we played games, like Simon Says, and sang songs, like Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, to review some vocabulary for the parts of the body. We also did some yoga! It is always a pleasure to volunteer at the Mini Club Anglais as the children learn so much while having fun! Thanks again, Nicole
Nicole a dit…
Last week, I gladly took part in the first day of the Winter Course as a volunteer with the young learners at the Mini Club Anglais. Marjory, who does so well with her students, always includes fun, interactive activities in her lesson plans, and the kids really enjoy themselves. For example, making (and eating :-)) cupcakes!!! What's more, they are building confidence in themselves and keeping a positive attitude as they discover the language, and their understanding really shows. It is great to see their progress in English!